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Sayings of the Saint Regarding Virtues and Vice

The Paradise of the Fathers

"The Fear of God drives away all vice and discontentment drives away the Fear of God. As the termites do to the wood, so does vice to the soul."

Six things corrupt the body and the soul:
To walk in the cities; to neglect the eyes by not protecting them; to meet with women; to befriend the superiors; to love talking about the body; false talks.

Four virtues to possess:
Mercy, defeat of anger, patience, to protect oneself from forgetting.

Four virtues that the mind needs at all times:
To pray constantly with prostration of the heart, to fight the thoughts, to consider oneself a sinner, not to condemn anyone.

Four to help a young Monk:
Hourly meditation in the law of God. Perseverance in watchfulness. Active prayer. To consider himself nothing.

Four that lead to adultery:
Food and drink. Too much sleep. Leisure and play. Adornment with clothes.

Four that are the source of darkness of the mind:
To abhor the companion. To despise him. To envy him. To distrust him.

Four matters by which anger is stirred in the human beings:
To give and take. To fulfill one's desire. To delight in teaching others. To believe that one is wise.

Four that are difficult to acquire:
Weeping. The meditation of the human being on his sins. Keeping death before one's eyes. To say in all things, "I have sinned. Forgive me."

Whoever ploughs and toils will save himself with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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