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Sayings of the Saint About the Soul

1. The Protection of the Soul:
Four things protect the soul: to have mercy for all people; to abandon anger; to endure, to snatch away sin from the heart through praise.
2. The darkness of the soul comes from:
Walking in the cities and in the villages; looking at all the glory of the world; mingling with the superiors in the world.
3. The blindness of the soul comes from:
Hating your brother specially despising the poor, envy and temptation.
4. The destruction of the soul comes from:
Roaming from one place to another. The love of mingling with the people of the world. Increase in luxury and pleasure. Too much envy in the heart.

Matters that generate impurity:
It is generated from satiety with food. Drunkenness from drink. Oversleep. Cleaning the body with water and essence at all times.

Matters that generate anger:
Dealing with others. Bargaining. Singling your opinion in what you prefer for yourself. Refuting the advice of others. Following your passions.

Protection from evil thought:
It comes from reading the Commandments books, abandoning laziness, waking at night for prayer and supplication, continuous humility.

Attaining the Kingdom:
Is helped by continuous grief and sighs, weeping over the sins and crimes, awaiting death every day and every hour.
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