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Sayings of the Saint About the Mind

1. Its excellence:
Three things form the excellence of the mind: Faith in God. Patience in all tribulation. The exhaustion of the body until it is humbled.
2. Its joy:
The mind rejoices with three things: the differentiation between good and evil, thinking about the matter before attempting it, and avoiding hypocrisy.
3. Its enlightenment:
Three things enlighten the mind: benevolence towards those who have offended you; patience for what you get from your enemies; stop looking at and envying those who are more advanced than you in the world.
4. Its purification:
The mind purifies itself with six things: silence; keeping the commandments: indifference towards food; trust in God in all matters by abandoning reliance on any of the world's superiors; suppressing all evil thoughts from the heart; avoiding to listen to the words of the rich; abstaining from looking at women.
5. What struggles with the mind:
Three things struggle with the mind: neglect, laziness, forsaking prayer.
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