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Sayings of the Saint About Man

It's good for man to put himself for his neighbor till death and so he will not be judged in anything.

It's good for man to die to every evil work and so he will not offend anyone before leaving his earthly body.

If man does not consider himself a sinner, then God will not listen to his prayer. Then someone asked him: what is the sinning soul? His grace answered: every person ought to carry his own sins and never look at other's sins. Ask for the fear of God with all your might for it to cleanse all sins.

Decoration of the flesh is a defeat to the soul, and whoever cares for it does not have the fear of God in him.

Conquering desire indicates perfection of virtue. But being conquered by it means lack of knowledge.

Beware not to hear about your brother's fall, lest you may have judged him secretly in your heart and thought. Beware about what you hear, lest you add sorrow and grief to your soul.

He who judges others ruins his own castle by lack of knowledge. Keep your heart very strong against different thoughts and so you decrease into gravity. But he who is afraid of it becomes scared and falls. Also he, who becomes scared of it, proves his lack of faith in God and will not be able to pray to his master Jesus with all his heart, till such a time when he is able to stop these thoughts first.

The knowledge of the coming judgment brings up the righteousness of God in the mind, while the lack of fear of God leads the mind astray.

We ought not to surrender to our desires, but we ought to eat and sleep on time, because falling to sin is easier during linger and sleeplessness then when we are full and rested.

To be alone with God without self-righteousness and to thank God for every ailment and affliction patiently without anger and to help others whether by prayers or by serving without repay are all worthy.

Though to be alone with and dedicated to God is the foundation of being a monk, while serving and praying does the public do deeds also?

He is used to talking during the service in church proves that the fear of God is not in him. This is because the fear of God keeps the mind clean, exactly as the King helps him who obeys Him. But those who want to obtain righteousness and have the fear of God in them, if they fall, they do not despair but soon, they stand up again more active and more concerned about the good works.
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