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His Martyrdom

On one of the occasions, as the brethren were sitting near the Saint, he said to them, "The Berbers will come today to the wilderness of Scetis; rise and escape." They said to him, "Father, do you not want to escape?" He answered, "I have been waiting for this day during all these years, so that the words of our Savior may be fulfilled as He said, "For all they that take the sword shall perish by the sword" (Matthew 26:52)." So they said, "We also will not escape so that we may die with you." He answered them, "This is not my concern, but it is your choice. May every human being be concerned with himself about the matters that dwell within him."

They were seven brethren; and after a while he said to them, "The Berbers are coming near the door." The Berbers entered and killed them. However, one of them, who was afraid, escaped amidst the mats and he saw seven crowns coming down from heaven to crown the seven who were killed. (The manuscript 257, in the Coptic Museum, relates that the brother, who escaped and hid, saw the Angel of the Lord and the crowns in his hand, and he immediately hurried out before the Berbers and obtained the crown of life from the hand of the Angel.)