"Love Never Fails."(1Cor 13:8)

The Departed Bishop and Abbot His Grace Bishop Karas
A Message from the Bishopric of Youth Affairs to the Monastery of St. Antony the Great

A face of light, a loving heart, a pious Bishop, a pure Monk, Abba Karas has departed from us, to Paradise. He was a rare example of the simplicity of Christ and His forbearance, of a holy and pure life, and of true monasticism in its angelic traits.

He departed from us after having given numerous testimonies to Christ Whom he loved, to the Monastery which he served, and to the Church to which he belonged:
1. The Testimony of Holiness: We saw in him only self giving, profound purity, serene humility, and a faithful monastic life.
2. The Testimony of Asceticism: He was dead to the world, loving God, dedicated to the heart, for the glory of Him Who loved him and saved him.
3. The Testimony of Purity: He was united to the Lord by an exceedingly spiritual love.
4. The Testimony of Giving: His gave his whole heart to God, to the Fathers, the Monks, and to all the members of Christ's body.
5. The Testimony of Suffering: He endured the terminal illness with rare patience, with exemplary resignation, and with remarkable fortitude.

Blessed are you, beloved Father, for you have fought the good fight, you have completed your endeavor, you have maintained the faith, and now you have received the crown of righteousness.

Our condolences to the shepherd of the shepherds, who loved you with all his heart and cared for you in your illness. Our condolences to the Holy Synod, to the beloved Monastery, and to us all.

His Grace Bishop Moussa
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